Infrastructure and Real estate

Infrastructure, Real Estate and Hospitality can very well be called the driving force behind India’s overall development. A well-planned infrastructure ensures smooth running in the fields of health, safety, education etc, the pillars that hold our society together. With the advent of globalization – better access, faster connectivity, awareness of renewable energy, the standard of living is getting better. When the citizens have a better life, clearly the country is progressing. The government has announced a whopping Rs 25 Trillion to be spent on Infrastructure over the next 3 years.

A thriving real estate industry is necessary to transform underdeveloped areas to urban metro setting. With the increment in household income and the necessity to move into their own house, the real estate sector is booming in India. It is expected to become $180 Billion by 2020 compared to $ 93.8 Billion in 2014. The Government has also been supportive which was a boon for this industry. In August 2015 100 smart city Project will definitely help in creating more urban settings in these cities. All these factors would contribute in steering the country towards a better and brighter future.

For the sake of highlighting the real activity in this sector, we, at Aurum, have classified this sector under four major industry components:

Roads & Highways

Renewables & Energy

Real Estate


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