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Annual Newsletter 2015
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Sanjay Bansal
Founder– Aurum Equity Partners LLP
In this issue
  • India boasts of the third largest Internet user base globally‚ estimated at 213 million in 2013 and expected to reach 564 million by 2020. India amongst the hottest ecommerce market globally.

  • Larger horizontal e–commerce players attracted substantial funding‚ with Flipkart and Snapdeal leading the pack. Both companies attracting capital from all parts of the globe.

  • Entry of global players like Softbank‚ Amazon and Alibaba with desire to invest multiple billion dollars in India will further spurn funding activity.

  • On the M&A side‚ larger players acquired niche companies either to consolidate their domestic presence or enter newer geographies.

  • Fund raising momentum is expected to accelerate in 2015

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