Consumer Markets and Food

The Indian Food processing industry is nearly US$ 150-175 billion in size. However, packaged and organized food segment that includes biscuits, snacks, confectionary, staples and dairy is less than US$ 20 bn. The organized packaged food market in most categories is growing a 15-20% growth per annum, and with the organized market just 10-12% of the overall market the growth potential is tremendous. Closely correlated to the food packaged industry is the agriculture input industry i.e. agrochemicals, hybrid seeds and animal feed, as this is key to improving crop yields per acre and growing quality fruits and vegetables that can be processed.

For the sake of highlighting the real activity in this sector, we, at Aurum, have classified this sector under ten major industry components:

Indian AgroChemical Sector

Indian Hybrid Seeds Sector

Indian Animal Feed Sector

Indian Animal Health Sector

Dairy Sector

Indian Staples Sector

Indian Snacks Market

Alcohol Beverages

Non-Alcohol Beverages

Flavour & Fragrances

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