Technology, Media & Entertainment & Digital Internet

Digital technologies are disrupting everyday life, business and education. Companies’ success is increasingly defined by their ability to leverage huge amounts of customer data, build insights and innovate to address customer demands/ grievances. India has been able to provide an environment for technology start-ups to mushroom over the last 5 years. As per NASSCOM, India is now the world’s 3rd largest start-up ecosystem with close to 5,000 firms. This number is expected to more than double by 2020.

With Indian, and Global investors bee lining for India, the Indian firms have been able to raise capital and we have seen emergence of innovative business models. While large IT service firms, operating in a concentrated market have turned to M&A to acquire new digital competencies and new markets, billion dollar Indian enterprises have emerged from scratch in the internet and consumer segment in almost every major category. India is set for another decade of exciting times in the technology sector with Indian firms emerging as global technology leaders on the back of institutional funding and vibrant M&A activity.

For the sake of highlighting the real activity in this sector, we, at Aurum, have classified this sector under three major industry components:


Media & Entertainment

Internet & eCommerce

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